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We provide a complete warehouse racking solution:

Premier Racking provides the complete solution with design and installation being a major part of our business. We have experienced installation teams across Australia.

Project Integration Management

Active involvement in every step of the journey:

  • Early involvement in the project
  • Focus on the key business outcomes for the customer (not just budget and schedule)
  • Maintaining a rolling risk register
  • Supplier-side risks
  • Customer-side risks
  • Regular reporting and communication
  • Management of all suppliers
  • Internal
  • External
  • Cooperation with Builder
  • A single point of accountability for execution

Project Management

Delivering successful projects:

Premier's approach to project management ensures that we are focused on delivering the key business outcomes for the customer, not just meeting the budget and schedule.

  • Our well-developed procedures ensure the early involvement of the project manager in the project, providing a single point of accountability for execution throughout.
  • Our project manager will provide the main point of communication for the customer through regular meetings and reports and will manage all suppliers, internal and external, as well as cooperate with other key parties such as builders.
  • A rigorous approach to risk management, including maintaining a rolling risk register of both supplier-side and customer-side risks monitored by a senior steering committee representing both customer and Premier ensures quality outcomes.

Engineering and Design

Premier specialises in designing a total racking solution:

Premier have a dedicated National Design Team consisting of 6 staff members looking after Australia

CAD Design

The importance of CAD design for warehouse and pallet racking solutions

At Premier, our CAD design allows the important factors of layout efficiency, design regulations and safety to be designed into one solution.

Premier Racking CAD Design drawing

Warehouse design challenges

  • Pedestrian aisles meeting Fire egress requirements
  • Aisle widths approved by Crown Forklifts
  • Tallest bay height recommended by Crown Forklifts
  • CAD to assist fire engineer design in-rack sprinkler system
  • Design of VNA/Wire Guidance
  • Overlay floor line marking design
  • Docks and loading doors
  • Obtaining a building permit requires a CAD drawing


Safety is a critical factor to consider when purchasing a solution

Using an experienced full-service racking company like Premier Racking is very important regarding safety in all aspects of design, installation, new and used racking, usage, ongoing maintenance and certification.

Hierarchy of Controls Description Examples
Elimination Remove the hazard completely. "The first control if possible" e.g. remove risk of electrocution by using compressed air tools
Substitution Substitute the hazard for something safer e.g. substitute a hazardous chemical for a natural alternative
Isolation Separate people from the hazard e.g. guards on power tools
barriers and edge protection
Engineering Use an engineered control e.g. use earth leakage device
Administration Change work policies e.g. training in lifting techniques
Provide personal protection note: PPE should be the last barrier to protect people Hearing, eye, fumes

Premier Racking Safety Policy:

  • Defined roles & responsibilities
  • Hazard Identification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Toolbox Meetings
  • Safe Work Method Statements
  • Induction Training
  • Accident and Near Miss Reporting
  • Workplace Audits
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Rack Installation
  • Forklift driving
  • EWP
  • First Aid
  • Emergency Procedures

Premier Racking 'Safe Work Method' Statements:

  • Unloading containers
  • Assembly, Installation, and Repair of racking
  • Use of Elevated Work Platform
  • Installation of Racking Protection
  • Hot Work
  • Use of Forklift

24/7 Service and Repairs

Premier Racking are on-call for Emergencies

We have people to answer your service call 24/7. An installer can come out in the middle of the night for an emergency repair. Premier work 6 days per week at the warehouse Mon-Sat for purchases.

New Racking Sales

Premier is a Schaefer GOLD Distributor for new racking.

Due to our Gold Status and the economies of scale of Schaefer our prices are very competitive.

  • Premier supply and install Schaefer I600 Selective Pallet Racking, the leading global brand.
  • Unlike other brands that come and go, we think Schaefer racking will always be available.
  • Schaefer racking designs meet or exceed the Australian Standard.
  • Schaefer's 16 factories are ISO9001 certified, Schaefer quality is not an issue.
  • Schaefer back their quality with a 2-year Defect Warranty.
  • Premier offers a 20-year Lifetime Warranty.

Used Racking Sales

Premier Racking carries approximately 50,000 pallet locations of used racking.

We can supply used racking separately, or as part of a complete project

Used Racking Buy-Back

Premier Racking operates a significant used rack business.

We can trade in your existing warehouse racking, or buy used racking outright

We can dismantle your old warehouse racking.

Audit and Certification

Who needs to comply with AS 4084:2012 ?

Any business installing steel racking in their workplace must ensure that it complies with the standards of safety and testing as defined in AS 4084:2012

AS 4084-2012 AS 4084-2012 compliant logo

Premier undertakes Racking Audits nationally to meet AS 4084:2012

AS 4084:2012 is the Australian Standards document for steel storage racking, outlining the specifications, procedures and guidelines that must be followed. AS 4084:2012 is the latest update and overrides the Standards from 1993 (AS 4084:1993). The Standard applies to adjustable static pallet racking made of cold-formed or hot-rolled steel structural members. It covers both the situation where racking is installed within a building and where the racking forms part of the building frame.

Custom Racking Parts

We have arrangements with engineering workshops

Premier Racking can arrange for custom parts to be constructed by a speciality workshop. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

National Coverage

We do racking installations Australia-wide

Premier has staff in NSW, Vic, Qld and SA. Premier has partnership arrangements with several leading installers in all states. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


You can be confident with our storage solutions

  • SSI Schaefer offers a 2-year defects liability period for its storage equipment products.
  • Premier provides a 20-year warranty for its static industrial storage solutions which covers the structural integrity of the product and any defects in materials or workmanship.

Insurance and Liability

Premier has the following insurance coverage:

  • Public Liability
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Workers' Compensation

Our installation sub-contractor will supply a copy of their General Public Liability and Workers' Compensation Insurance with the OH&S documents prior to starting on site.

Why Choose Us

Premier Pallet Racking specialises in new and used pallet racking; design, quote, supply, installation, certification, safety audits, repairs, relocation, make-good, racking value assessments and buybacks. We design pallet racking solutions and integrate the racking layout/elevations with the warehouse building structures, staging area and egress requirements.

⭐   20 Years Experience

Our staff has unparalleled experience in multi-million-dollar projects within Australia and New Zealand.

♛  Quality work

Most of our work comes through referrals and this because we strive to provide the best components.

🕒   Fast Turn around time

We keep large quantities of new and used stock so you can receive racking solutions as soon as possible.

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