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Customised Storage

Warehouse storage - Designed for your business

Designed for your business

We can design and customise storage solutions that allow maximum storage for growing businesses. Our team at Premier know how to turn every space into an opportunity such as adding overhead pallet storage across multiple aisles and many more customised solutions

Cantilever Racking

Caption - What is cantilever racking?

What are the benefits of Cantilever racking?

This vertical racking system safely stores a variety of irregular, long or bulky items such as railing or timber. It's a strong and long-lasting solution as each arm can hold up to 1000kg. Cantilever racking allows the ability to install across multiple bays such as this rural NSW warehouse, effectively maximising floor space

Warehouse Shelving

Gala Imports Warehouse Shelving

Contact Premier to help you design an exceptional warehousing solution for your business.

Premier had the privilege of designing customised storage solutions for Gala Imports Australia - a growing specialised business that relocated into a new warehouse in Direk (SA) The Premier team designed several pallet racking options, accommodating storage for 1,280 pallets, together with seven bays shelved under for hand stacked product. As well as hand picking from the shelved levels, there is also elevated picking required from the stored pallets. For this Four-Crown Model, "Waves" are utilised to allow flexibility of movement throughout the warehouse.

To facilitate this, two transfer aisles were built into the design complete with overhead pallet storage. At the front of the warehouse, six packing benches were installed with pallet storage over, together with suspended overhead hoppers to feed loose Bio Fill bio-degradable void fill into the packaging. Thanks to the initial carefully designed racking solution and site relocation, Premier is proud to have contributed to the expansion and success of Gala Imports. Congratulations Gala Imports and thank you again for choosing the team at Premier Pallet Racking

Long Span Shelving

Long Span Shelving

Efficient storage of bulky goods

Our team at Premier provides heavy-duty, long-span and steel shelving solutions to efficiently increase space.

Numerous designs for diverse requirements

SSI SCHAEFER's flexible long-span rack systems fulfill your storage goods, location, and space requirements. The frame construction with supporting profiles with four heights and four depths along with three different crossbeam types with four lengths allows you to freely configure the rack fields. Standardised elements enable multi-level constructions along with racking platforms

Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine floor

Increased Workable Floor Space

SSI SCHAEFER elevated racking and storage platforms make multiple uses of the available space. Moreover, the design options of the platform systems are almost unlimited.

A mezzanine floor allows a diverse range of pallet racks, containers, and office systems to occupy a single vertical air space. Premier Racking can provide you with a complete solution.

Mezzanine rack systems can be configured and expanded

SSI SCHAEFER systems can be expanded to any desired length or width and can be adapted to a variety of different loads and on-site requirements. Platforms can also be designed as multi-level systems, as you require. The comprehensive accessories portfolio consists of a range of support layouts and profiles, railings, transfer locations, floor coverings, stairs, and stairs railings along with the complete lighting system.

Wire Mesh Decks

-- Multiple levels of Mesh Decks

SSI SCHAEFER mesh decking and panel is more heavy-duty than wire mesh decking

Heavy Duty

Using interlocked steel bearing bars and cross-bars, the mesh grating can be designed to support pallet loads up to 1500kgs


Can customise banding bars, nearing bars, cross-bars, mesh sizes, landings, notching and angel collars. Constant weight loading, requires no stiffeners, and no warpage

Can choose "Drop-over" or "Drop-in" placement methods

A Full Range of Wire Mesh Decking

Premier can supply a large range of wire mesh decking. New and used for all sizes and weight requirements

Rack Protectors

Rack Protectors Rack protector diagrams

Security regulations

Fixed racks that are served by non-track-bound ground conveyors require adequate protection against damage to the rack frame on the corners and gangways.

Buffers, guards, corner and upright protectors

Particularly vulnerable areas of pallet racking systems, such as gangways or heavily frequented passages, require sturdy buffers.

Mesh back panel cladding

The rear sides of free-standing racks must be secured to prevent the loading units from falling out.

Aisle Guidance

An aisle showing the VNA Wire Guidance slot

OH&S Law for Very Narrow Aisles (VNA)

Materials handling equipment operating in a narrow aisle must be guided mechanically. There are two choices of guidance, wire or rail.

Wire Guidance & End of Aisle Magnetic Braking

Wire Guidance involves cutting a slot in the concrete slab, inserting an electrical wire to form a loop/circuit. The VNA equipment is fitted with sensors underneath that pick up the signal radiated by the wire and the unit follows that signal.

Rail Guidance

Rail guidance involves laying steel lengths on each side of the aisle. The VNA equipment is fitted with guide wheels with a pressure switch to activate the steering so the unit travels in a mild pinball-type motion down the aisle.

Wire Guidance & End of Aisle Magnetic Braking

Premier Racking has a formal relationship with Crown Forklifts to manage our pallet racking needs nationally and from this relationship for any VNA/Wire Guide racking installations. Premier continues to work with Crown"s wire guidance installer, Wire Guidance Installation Pty Ltd. WGI is the leading provider of wire guidance installations in Australia.

Rack Labelling

06-03-05 Examples of rack labels

Mandatory Labelling

The regulations of the trade associations demand labelling of rack facilities with all the necessary load specifications.

Location Labelling and End of Rack Signs

Premier continues to work with Rack & Shelf Labels Pty Ltd. They are a leading provider of location labelling and end-of-aisle signage.

Rack & Shelf Labels Pty Ltd has installed labelling for many of Premier's clients. As an example, Rack & Shelf followed our installers at our 80,000-pallet installation at Metcash SA and our 35,000-pallet installation for McPhee at Truganina.

(Example photo only. Labels can be custom designed)

Floor Line Marking

Warehouse floor linemarking rectangles

Warehouse floor line marking

Premier continues to work with Group 1 Linemarking Pty Ltd. Their work is of the highest standard and they have been in business for over 19 years.

This includes lettering, numbering, and symbols to differentiate and delineate different areas of the warehouse or factory.

Why Choose Us

Premier Pallet Racking specialises in new and used pallet racking; design, quote, supply, installation, certification, safety audits, repairs, relocation, make-good, racking value assessments and buybacks. We design pallet racking solutions and integrate the racking layout/elevations with the warehouse building structures, staging area and egress requirements.

⭐   20 Years Experience

Our staff has unparalleled experience in multi-million-dollar projects within Australia and New Zealand.

♛  Quality work

Most of our work comes through referrals and this because we strive to provide the best components.

🕒   Fast Turn around time

We keep large quantities of new and used stock so you can receive racking solutions as soon as possible.

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